How to Make Matcha Tea without a Whisk

Matcha tea has the nutrition of the entire green tea. The idea is to have the leaf grounded to powder so that you don’t miss a single particle. You would often see Matcha tea is severed with a bamboo whisk. This whisk is traditionally known as Chasen. It is the idea that the whisk is important for you to have a perfect cup of Matcha tea. But the traditional method is not the only way of making a delightful cup of Matcha tea, of course. There are other ways to make a perfect cup without the traditional arrangements, you can simply use the available ingredients and tools you have at home. 

Why Do You Need a Whisk?

To make the perfect traditional cup of Match tea, you do need the whisk. Matcha tea is a power substance to add to the hot water.

The bamboo whisk is the best thing to use to break these clumps and helping the powdered substance to dissolve in the water. You have to stir the tea for long enough and with proper measure to have the powdered green tea to be completely mixed with the hot water. If it is not mixed properly the taste will not be the same, of course.

Making Matcha Tea without a Whisk

A good cup of matcha tea can be an excellent pick-me-up potion to start your day with. If you have to go through the process of stirring the powdered tea in the drink with a whisk that may seem very tiring and time consuming. Only if we could make the process easier and quicker so that we can have a good cup of tea whenever we want! So, here are some ways we can make Matcha Tea without a Whisk.

Using a Jar

This is perhaps the handiest technique to prepare matcha tea at home without needing a whisk. You need a plastic or glass jar for this. You can brew cold or hot matcha using this technique. You can add the water first, and then add the right amount of matcha green tea powder according to the thickness you prefer.

Then, all you have to do is shake the jar. We should warn you that it is going to take a lot of strength to get the perfect finish in your matcha tea. You have to keep shaking the jar until the powder has completely dissolved. You can stop and check in between of course. You may find little floating particles that would mean you are nearly there.

Now, matcha tea is most beneficial for your health if it is taken without sugar. But some people like their tea to be a bit sweeter, cause as refreshing as matcha tea is it can taste much bitter to some. If you are one of them then you can add sugar or honey to your tea.

To add any sweetening substance wait for the mixture is almost clumps free. You can stir it with a spoon if you feel like there is powered tea sticking around the surface.  But you need to shake the jar properly to get the perfect blend.

You can find special jars and bottles designed for matcha tea in nearby super shops in your neighborhood. You can get yourself one of those if you like. But that is not necessary if you have easily graspable jars available at home.           

Using a Blender

If you are planning to prepare Matcha tea smoothie or frape then using a blender is the best way to make it without requiring a whisk. You just need to add all the ingredients in the blender according to the proper proportion.

And just blend it. This is a super-efficient way of making Matcha tea. It requires no muscle strength. It also saves time.

However, how long you will have to blend the mixture depends on the Matcha tea substance you are using. Keep blending the mixture until you see the clumps diminishing into liquid. You will know it is ready when there will not be any clumps or air bubbles floating on the surface.

If you were to add cream to your smoothie, then I just we wait until the tea is absolutely clump free. You can add the cream or foam to it after that. If you add the foam before the trouble is you will not be able to understand if the tea has been free of clumps or not. Nothing can ruin the perfect taste of Matcha tea other than remaining clumps of powder in the tea.

If you are at home and you have a blender available then you can make Matcha tea in such a short amount of time, both hot and cold. For the hot Matcha tea make sure you have shut the blender’s opening properly to prevent any sort of unexpected accidents.

If you want to add sweetening substances in your hot cup of tea, then you can add all the ingredients at once. It is no difficulty for the blender to mix up the sugar and powder at once. But make sure to keep an eye on the surface, so that you know when the tea is ready. Do not blend it too much, in that case you could lose the perfect texture.

Using a Milk Frother

If you are making a tea latte of Matcha green tea then the best way is to use a milk frother instead of a whisk or anything else to stir the mixture. Unlike a blender, a hand held frother is easy to tour with so you can make sure the matcha tea has the proper texture, smoothness and flavor as you specifically want

At the same time, it saves you from all the muscle strength you would need if you were to use a jar instead. An electronic Milk frother basically gives you ultimate hand control over the mixture. You can fuse it any way you like. You can make it perfect in which ever manner seems fit.

Using a Cocktail Shaker

If you do not have a blender or a milk frother available that is fine. You can get the work done using a cocktail shaker in case you have not thought about it. Cocktail shakers are actually pretty great for making Matcha tea in a rather efficient way.

These shakers make just the right amount of agitation and there are built-in strainers to boot the mixture perfectly. It is one of the fastest ways to pump out cups of clump-free iced Matcha tea on a very busy day.

You can use it to make yourself a hot cup of Matcha tea as well, you just need to skip the ice. These shakers are much more efficient than using jars. They blend in the ingredients must faster, so you need less muscle strength than you would have to.  

Some people like to make actual cocktails using Matcha green tea in many bars and countries. Gin and vodka tend to work well but different bars even serve Matcha beer and even Matcha highballs. The flavor combo of green tea and St. Germaine elderflower liqueur is something of a fusion that is quite popular.

Is Matcha Tea Better than Regular Tea?

How to Make Matcha Tea without a Whisk

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Countless people waste useful antioxidants and minerals every day. Although this might sound impossible, that is precisely what happens when you brew a cup of green tea since water will only absorb a fraction of the benefits of green tea. The rest of the tea is left untouched, stuck in the leaves.

In fact, the only way to fully appreciate the benefits of green tea is to eat the whole herb. That isn't to say you should start eating tea leaves. The most straightforward approach is to simply eat a cup of matcha.

Matcha supplies you with green tea's potent arsenal of vitamins, nutrients, enzymes, and amino acids in a way that no other green tea does. Matcha is made up of straight, stoneground tea leaves. To even come close to matching the strength of a single serving of matcha, you'd have to drink 10 cups of brewed green tea.

Matcha is unrivaled when it comes to assisting you in achieving and maintaining optimal fitness. So yes, Matha tea is much better regular tea!

Final Thoughts

The authentic taste of Matcha tea will remain is stirring it in a bowl using a bamboo whisk. But you can have a good cup of the green tea without having to take much of that hassle.

Many people tend to spend a lot of money on the tool used in preparing the tea, which only makes a little difference really. Instead of buying tools to make the tea, you should spend the money on the quality of the tea leaves so that you can enjoy the most authentic taste of Matcha tea at home.

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