Orange Spice Tea Benefits

Mostly common in India and Darjeeling, orange spice tea is derived from the Himalayan region. The black tea base and citrus pieces make the tea a weapon against several diseases and bacteria. Moreover, the slight kick in the taste makes it everyone’s favorite refreshment to sip on after a tiring day. The orange spice tea is known to be rich in antioxidants and vitamins, which ensure your body stays healthy and gradually wards off any underlying diseases you might have. The spices are tested to have myriads of health benefits for the elderly and younger generation altogether. Not only does the orange spice tea keep you healthy, but it also cures several health issues you might be suffering from. Keep scrolling to go through the specific advantages that orange spice tea offers!

How is Orange Spice Tea prepared?

While the orange spice tea may be enjoyed both as a warm refreshment or an iced tea, there is a particular recipe to prepare it. Even though the recipe is quite simple, it may get messed up if you put too many or too few ingredients. Follow these steps to get the perfect orange spice tea ready in a few minutes:

Step 1: Firstly, you need the orange spice mix to prepare the tea. There are different versions of the mix, originating from Darjeeling, China, or an Indian hybrid. We leave the choice to you, as mostly all of the spices contain the benefits of orange spice.

Step 2: Fill a pot with 16 ounces of water approximately, and boil it. Add the orange spice mix to the boiling water, according to how strong you want your tea to be.

Step 3: Let the mixture boil for about 5-6 minutes, after which you take out the heat and let it simmer for about 5 minutes more.

Step 4: Strain the spices and enjoy!

Orange Spice Tea Benefits

Even though the preparation process is quite simple, the tea provides an array of benefits to the drinker. If you wish to benefit from the orange spice tea for real, it’s vital to introduce it to your daily routine. Make the orange spice tea a staple along with your evening snacks, to let your family enjoy the advantages along with yourself!

Orange Spice Tea Benefits

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Immune System

The orange spice tea is basically made of two components- citrus peels and tea leaves. While the tea leaves are rich in antioxidants, the citrus peels provide your body with multivitamins. As a result, your immune system is exposed to vitamins and many other compounds that ensure your system gets stronger. By sipping the orange spice tea regularly, your immunity shall gradually be firmer and stronger. Moreover, this aspect of the orange spice tea makes it a must-have for both the older and younger generation- we all need our immunity strength to be at its peak at all times!

Cardiovascular Diseases

The tea base of orange spice tea is a pocket of flavonoids that help fight off any radicals that might lead to cell damage eventually. This feature allows the orange spice tea to reduce the risk of any cardiovascular diseases if you have any. Furthermore, orange spice tea cuts off any unwanted fats in your body, relieving you from the risk of fatty plaques being accumulated. As we know, fat is the primary reason for cardiovascular diseases. Thus, indulge in the habit of consuming orange spice tea if you wish to avoid these risks.


As mentioned earlier, antioxidants and flavonoids help ward off free radicals. In other words, they help prevent certain types of cancers as well, especially ones that generate from cell damage. Instead of opting for the wide range of external medications that have no end, it is better to go for the natural method, which can improve your health gradually. It is a known fact that even young people are not immune from the risks of developing cancers. So, what are you waiting for?

Goodbye, bacteria!

Well, this was a given. The multivitamins help strengthen your immune system and overall body, making sure any harmful bacteria are bid farewell to. While most of us might shrug it off as the seasonal flu or fever, certain bacteria may build homes inside your physique. As a result, the fever might just be the tip of the iceberg, making it an emergency to get rid of the harmful bacteria. What better way to let your body fight off all these monsters while you drink the orange spice tea and read your favorite book?

No more Virus

After bacteria, viruses contain the same risk. Keeping the current situation in mind, a virus can be deadly and cost you and your family members’ lives. Therefore, any type of virus should be thrown off your body as early as possible. The flavonoids and vitamins involved in orange spice tea not only help you get rid of any virus that you might possibly have in your body but assists you in preventing any virus from entering. Hence, ensuring your whole family drinks orange spice tea can help you to overcome any underlying diseases altogether.

Blood Circulation

Along with the health benefits mentioned above, orange spice tea further ensures that you have stable blood circulation. The calming properties of the black tea base help stimulate blood circulation in your body, keeping it healthy and functioning at all times. As a result, it assists in keeping your heart rate stable, which is a huge advantage, especially for the older generation.


The black tea base and citrus peels both have calming characteristics, that ensure your body stays calm and relaxed whenever you drink it. Often after a tiring and hectic day, you might suffer from fatigue and exhaustion. While these might feel like harmless problems, a high level of exhaustion can be deadly within a few minutes. Hence, staying stress-free and relaxed is essential for people with packed schedules throughout the day. If you are looking for some relaxation after a long day at the office, orange spice tea shall serve as your life savior. The preparation process of orange spice tea is easy and simple, which means you don’t have to go through a lengthy recipe either!


Antioxidants are arguably some of the most beneficial compounds to exist, especially regarding health issues. The high amounts of antioxidants in the orange spice tea helps you to achieve all the advantages, that too in full potential. Not only does the black tea base have antioxidants, but the citrus bits are enriched with antioxidants as well. This makes the portion of antioxidants almost double your usual cup of tea!


The relaxation characteristics of the orange spice tea help treat any inflammation in your body. Inflammation usually does not have a specific reason to occur, which makes it difficult to get treated. Often, an individual needs a bunch of artificial medicines to get the inflammation reduced. However, drinking orange spice tea regularly can help lessen the level of inflammation in your muscles. Not only does it save you from the medicines, but helps you deal with inflammation in a painless way. Remember, prevention is better than cure- do not wait for your body to get inflamed, start the reduction process today!

Muscle Pain

Another one of the benefits due to the calming properties of the orange spice tea- reducing joint or muscle pain. Most of the population suffers from joint and muscle pain at some point in their lives, and these pains don’t really leave us. Consuming external medicines may help you get rid of the pain for the time being, but the natural calming process of orange spice tea can assist you in warding off the muscle pain permanently.

Mood Lifts

Sipping on a refreshment drink on a routine basis can help you relax and remain stress-free. In other words, orange spice tea acts as a mood lifter after a long hectic day. The spice lets a slight kick hit your tastebuds, while the tea leaves help you calm and concentrate on your favorite magazine. If the weather cooperates, the experience can get even better with orange spice tea!


Too much of a good thing may cancel out the benefits you had received from it in the first place. Consuming high doses of orange spice tea can act as a toxin for your body, as your body can take up only balanced amounts of antioxidants and vitamins. Thus, it is crucial to keep your daily intake balanced, to ensure you do not fall sick.


Now that you know the benefits of orange spice tea, help your friends and family to realize the magic of this tea as well. Not only will the orange spice tea help you and your loved ones to heal from within, but it shall keep you relieved and relaxed. Share this article with people around you and help them introduce orange spice tea in their lives!

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